Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Pre-Labor Day!!

I understand a lot of people are going out of town.

Be safe!!!

It is a great thing to have a vacation.

I cannot say anything wrong with it other than now my banner printer and so forth are also taking the day off on Monday and are cutting my time pretty short for getting things ready for the show in a week.


I shouldn't complain. I waited til the last minute, kinda... Logo making, banner making, shirt making, etc. Things are not done, but it'll be alright!

We will make it work. I'm not too concerned.

(Random normal snake photo insertion to break up the tirade.. WOOHOOO)

Anyway, poss het clowns are mostly out. It has been a weird clutch. One comes out a week early and dies half out of the egg... Four others are now out at the gloriously sucky odds of 3.1, and the last one had half of itself out this morning, but would not come out. Lets hope for a girl... PLEASE.

I also have a clutch of pastels and a clutch of SOMETHING else (Mystery males) that should be hatching next week.

Come on, Luck... really... please....

Pretty please... with sugar and cherries and whipped cream on top.

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