Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Health is important!!!

Today is a day I get to enjoy at home, somewhat.

I didn't go into work today so that I could enjoy the benefits of being scraped, poked, prodded, asked how I feel, etc.

Health is important!!!

Get your checkups!!

Clean those teeth!!!

And now, in between appointments, I can sit here and reminisce with you all.


Today, since I have time, I will try and take more photos of stuff. To be honest, I wonder when all of the photos of the same stuff start getting tedious. You guys let me know, okay?

Today is going back in time day... These are all photos I took a LONG time ago. How long, you ask? I have NO idea. At least a year or so ago.

Here are eye caps... Why did I take this pic? Just for Shits and Giggles..

One of my favorite old shots of my Spider male.. He is a clown (but not really.. He's a spider)

And my albino male hamming it up as well..

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