Friday, August 1, 2008

Expect the unexpected


Feeding day yesterday!

I'm plopping food in tubs, and all of a sudden I open a tub for one of the larger females, and I see a female in a beehive. I'm like "Woah!", and then "Dangit!"


Not that I'm upset about it at all, I just dislike being unprepared.

This is my FIRST ball python I've ever had, the one who started it all!!!

Her name is Unagi!

She has been my favorite for a long time, and now that she has given me 7 eggs last year and 8 eggs this year, she is really making me proud!!!

I had actually not expected any eggs from her cause she was so late in the season even though she was bred with everyone back in December. Also, she ate every time I offered!! Usually a sign of not being gravid? Well.. not for her! I LOVE FEMALES LIKE THAT.

So she was bred to my little Mojave male, who is turning out to be a stud!!!

I am really glad to see more eggs.

I think (again) that I may only have 1-2 more females and I'm done..

Onward Ho!

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