Thursday, August 21, 2008

Its is a Happy Day!!!

Tis my friend Pattycake's birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, buddy!

In honor of his birthday, today is Spider day in the week long photo session.

This is a 07' female Spider that I got from a friend with an 08' Spider that I hatched out.

The baby was in shed, but that's okay... Still gives you an idea. I believe the female is at least 500 grams, while the baby is at 70 grams.


Awesome animals, with an interesting quirk, but still loveable and great animals!!

For those who want to know, yes, I do have wobblers in the collection. Wobbling, for those who don't know, are an interesting tick in the Spider gene that makes the animal bounce its head involuntarily, as well as flip around with its head sideways or even upsidedown. In my collection, it is sporadic, and is actually only two of the spiders I own and is minor, but it is there.

My non-spinning spider male has thrown spinners, and those that don't. I have been watching things very closely to see if any spinning or wobbling develops, but so far, not too bad! I've seen Spiders that have it bad, and lucky for me, I have yet to own one.

I'm curious to see when the Bumblebees hatch if there are any spinners or wobblers in there...

Much love, enjoy the photos, and have a great day!!!

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