Friday, August 15, 2008

Stripey goodness

Here he is!!!

This is "He who has yet to be named Genetic Stripe Male"

He was a necessary pick up, as for some reason and some how, I have ended up with six possible het females that I have been growing up. I have a het male, yes, but with poss hets, I'd rather go with a visual to at least make 100% hets if they don't prove out.

It was also VERY DIFFICULT to find a perfect stripe male... I was suprised at this, but it took me a long time to find this guy. Hopefully he throws perfect stripes too. (I have seen a lot of broken stripes and so forth... really takes away from the morph in my opinion)

Having him now has completed the circle for that project, although I am debating as to what to do long term with him and his progeny. I like him!!!

I have to admit that G-Stripes are not the most impressive of animals, but I think the combo potential is awesome!! Looking forward to playing with it.

09' Babayyy! The year of the G-Stripe at Heather's Herps. Lets all cross all of our digits.

1 comment:

Tashai said...

He's a beauty! I love the solid G-stripes.