Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And You, and You, and You, you're gunna love meeeee!

So yesterday, I came home and watched a movie. It's been a while since I have had the time to do it, and HBO was playing Dreamgirls. I hadn't seen it when it came out, so I wanted to finally watch it.


Jennifer Hudson is very talented, and blew Beyonce out of the water, without a doubt.

I was really glad to have been able to see it. I am now a fan of Jennifer Hudson.

I am a musical fan. I love to sing, and have been told I'm actually good at it. I had been told that I should try out for American Idol, but I never really thought it would get me anywhere if I didn't win. She did pretty well for not winning, eh?

Anyway, I digress. Snake stuff now :)

Pee-Oh-Gee next to a Pastel. I actually had them in together to see if it would spurn her eating reflex, and I saw him trying to lock with her!!! This little bugger is actually working his mojo, and he doesn't even have plugs! I may put him with his planned mates and see if anything happens.

Magical Mojos from last season. Same fathers, different mothers. Interesting differences in color, eh? I love it.

And a hideous photo of my Albino that makes her look like a monster. I need to perfect my Albino photo taking skills.

Anyway, its raining, the males are working, and its Tuesday. Let us hope that this week goes by relatively quickly. I have a weekend urge already...

Karaoke and Rockband... WOOT!

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