Monday, February 9, 2009

Stormy weather....

This weekend was fun, if not very wet!!!

Friday night was cleaning again.. I got a new Herpstat Pro finally, so everyone is much more... organized in heat.

In cleaning, photos were taken. Joe took some photos of Chipo close up.

I also, in my infinite wisdom, managed to get bit for the first time this year. It was a doozy!!! It's been a while too...

We had another meetup with some friends on Saturday, this time with Raul and Laurie of West Coast Jungle.

I got a rocking setup for some new animal that I haven't decided on, and we had a great dinner and kick back for a few hours.

I love Snake people days :)

It was Spider time, as Raul brought a couple of his spiders over for us to look at. So in that line of thought, I took a pic of one of my hot spider females. She is crazy light, and I really like her for her coloration. Maybe plug her into a Pastel or something?? Not sure, but I have some time to decide.

Anyway, other than the constant rain, the boys are all taking breaks, the snake room is clean (for now), and I am back to the grind.

Things are going... and its a Monday. What more can you ask for??

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Tim Johnson said...

Ok I haven't left a comment on these yet and this seems as good a one as any. I think that spidey is a hottie Heather. Looking forward to seeing what she throws in the future.

Tim Johnson
Royal Morphz