Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tricks of the Trade

Yesterday was cleaning overhaul, and Lewie was over to help clean with me again.


I didn't get bit :)

But here is what I did do.

I palpated one of my Albino females. She was NOT happy about it, and because she wasn't, I didn't get a good count.

Lew got a good picture of a Het Albino female getting bred to an Albino, while she was watching him take the pic. I thought this was really cute. ("What do you want.. Stop bugging us!")

And although the colors are off, this photo was taken to give some of you an idea as to breedings and the benefits of pairings.

Both of these females are from the same clutch, same family, same age, etc...

They both stopped eating this season due to the "1000 gram/ two year old hunger strike".

The one on the left was paired up with the Albino.

The one on the right was not paired at all.

The one on the left has begun eating again with no signs of stopping.

The one on the right has still not started.

Why is this important?

Well, sometimes (and I stress SOMETIMES) the females after being in the presence of a male, will start CHOWING DOWN like crazy. If you are concerned about a females weight, it is a trick to try. I don't suggest doing it if the female is 300 grams, nor do I suggest it if you don't want accidental clutches when you aren't looking.
But it is a trick of the trade, and I wanted to share with you.

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Anonymous said...

very nice blog today Heather I find I learn something new from you everyday.

Tim Johnson
Royal Morphz