Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things that make you go.."Hmmmmm"

Well, here are a few things that make you think.

If you recall, I told you that the POG was not interested in the ladies, nor was he producing sperm.

Well... As of last week, he still wasn't producing sperm. But I put him in with some females that needed a jump start in their feeding response (refer back to last week).

And look what he is trying to do...

Now, I am not concerned about him and the ladies. I really don't think anything is going to happen, to be honest. But now I know he is at least interested and trying, but doesn't like the Big Mommas. Just the little ones :) Good to know!

Now, I got a lot of comments over the years over this female Yellowbelly.

Does she look like one to you?

With the arbitrary "Is this a Yellowbelly" question, I always pull this one out. I think this female is a tough one, very close to on the line YB that puts most people shame when they say NO.

Because she came from a trusted source, I am going to breed her out to a YB and hope for the best, because to be quite honest, when I got her, I even doubted her YB-llyness.

So, let us try it out next season. It will be fun!

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