Monday, February 16, 2009


So this weekend went by too fast.

Friday night came and went..

Saturday was cleaning day again. I was prepping for rain this weekend, and it never came! I paired up some males, but like before, the males are just getting sluggish. I more than likely missed some ovs while at work. Hopefully soon I will have some eggs on the ground and not be as paranoid about missing pairings.

Anyway, current pairings are:

G-stripe to poss het
Albino to het
Axanthic to Albino
Caramel to poss het
Mojave to Normal
Pinstripe to Normal
Pastel to Normal
Enchi to Normal
Pewter to Cinnamon
Black Pastel to Normal
Sable to Normal

Hopefully someone gets excited in the current weather system. It's POURING, and will be for the rest of the week as I understand it.

Saturday was also Valentines day and my Fuzzbutts birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY REGAL!!

Sunday came, and the Smoj came out. She got us some Smörjes, and I am very pleased. Thank you Smoj! We had a great time hanging out before the rains came.

And in honor of Smoj coming out, here is a picture that Lewie took of one of my legged creatures. YAY Crestie!

Anyway, rain is here, I am here.. It's Monday. Get thru it people. Congrats to the people who don't have to work today. I'm rather envious.

Have a great one!

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome Schmouse.