Friday, February 6, 2009

It's Raining Cats and Dogs!

You know, I never really understood that turn of phrase...

Has it ever rained REAL cats or dogs before??

I have never seen it...

I know it has rained fish before..... Wierd.

Anyway, it's pouring down rain today, and I am loving it, kinda.

Yesterday, our trash cans got washed away by a deluge that came thru the neighborhood streets.

We had to walk a block down the street in pouring rain last night to get them. My sweatshirt is STILL soaked as we speak.

Anyway, with the rain being here, it is a good time to move the males around and have them work their magic.

They don't really seem to mind...

Anyway, more random photos of random animals. This is one of my holdback Mojave females I hatched out this past season. She is HAWT!!!! I really really like how she turned out. And since I have a dedicated project to Mojaves, I am so glad I have her too! Can't wait to see her grown up.

And in honor of this grey day, and how much people love her, I have posted up a picture of my favorite TSK Axanthic female. She's a hottie!!

Have a great weekend, friends :) Stay dry!!!

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