Thursday, February 5, 2009


Yesterday was serious cleaning day, and I did it caffeinated. Why?? Cause I love my Keurig Coffee Maker.

Got home, made a cup, and had enough caffeine energy to clean that room twice!!!

Joe was of course asking me why I was drinking coffee at night.. CAUSE I CAN, SUCKA!!!

Yes, so cleaning is done, and within two minutes of finishing, one of the spiders decided to trash her tub. YEAH!!! Ungrateful bastards..

But she was so pretty in this photo...

Speaking of spiders, this is a Normal female that I just LOVE for her pattern. I planned on using her this year, but since she is a mouse eater and is rather picky, I opted out. She is older too, I believe close to 5 years old now?? Anyway, I think she will be in rotations next season. She'll throw some hot patterned animals.

And my new Pastels poss het Axanthic actually were shedding together!!! So when one was done, I took a photo to compare the colorations between shedding and non shedding pastels. Isn't it severe??? I LOVE how cool that is.. Ecdysis, man. LOVE IT.

Anyway, enjoy your day, love love and all that jazz.

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