Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank God Its Friday (TGIF!)

This week has been one of those where each day I get subsequentially more tired each day.

I'm looking forward to the weekend more than usual, cause not only do I need to have some breathing time, I and the Joel get to take the Fuzz to the Snow tommorow!

I am really excited about it, actually. Last year we went, but my camera didn't have the memory card, so it was for NOTHING photowise. This year, it will NOT happen. There will be happy frolicking Fuzzbutt pictures.

Anyway, in my disabled state with my finger, I have to wear gloves to do EVERYTHING. Its kinda annoying.

I was somewhat cleaning with my single glove on, and had no problem snapping a couple of photos of some good looking stuff while I was.

My Pewter (again). She's so hot. Really. I'm in love.

And, my friend Lewie took home the LAST PASTEL OF THE YEAR. He is now the proud owner of Boo-Ah. Or was it ABooo? Anyway, the snake has a legible A and B OOOO down his side, so I thought it was pretty cool, and pointed it out. Now that is his name :)

Good luck making more Pastels next year, Lew.

Until next week, friends!

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