Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Buddha Belly

So I took pics!


I did another round of comparison photos, and I think that these will be fun!

I took a picture of my some of my bellies. I have more than one Belly? Why, yes, in this case... I am actually tempted to name one of them Buddha... Maybe I will!!

Rub the Buddha Belly

HAH!! I crack myself up sometimes, I swear...

Anyway, here is a photo of a combination of animals. The one on the top left is a standard Yellowbelly. Can you tell?

The one on the bottom is a Pastel. Can you tell?

AND... the one on the top right is a Pastel Yellowbelly. See where I was going with it??

And of course, the obligatory belly shots of all of them for comparison.

I'm hoping that these photos help someone identify Yellowbellies, cause they are kinda tough sometimes. The Pastel Yellowbelly is actually not the most "belly", but it is one for sure.

Anyway, in uploading my photos last night, I found that I had taken a breeding pic last week that should have helped with the flow and blab about breeding, but I didn't upload it. So here we are... three days too late since the actual photo was taken, but we can still bask in the glory of the snake sex, yes?

Pewter to Pastel. Pewter was in shed... He looks like... Bleh. Oh well.

Anyway, I got my photos up, and albeit I am still a bit tired, I am going to face the hump day with as much courage and strength as I can muster. BRING IT ON!!!

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