Thursday, February 26, 2009

Meet my Nemesis

Yesterday, I was felled by my nemesis, the Plum.

How, you ask??

Well, I have braces. I cannot eat stone fruit without cutting it up.

I cut a plum in half, but didn't have a cutting board out. No problem, cutting in half. But to take out the pit?? Lets just hold the plum in my hand and try to cut out the pit with a very sharp knife.

You know when your mother told you to use a cutting board? Yeah... Its a good idea.

So now my pointer finger is cut. Deeply. (Not really me in the photo, but for dramatic effect...)

Thank goodness for the Joel working as a Physicians Assistant.

He took care of my finger, and although it still hurts like a mofo, I am pleased that it is clean and dry.

So what, pray tell, are you to take from this story?


Anyway, back to our regular scheduled program...

The boys were moved around yesterday, and they were trying! Lots of trying!

Also, I'm seeing some good glows. This female in with the Axanthic is absolutely glowing.. We shall see what happens with her.

Hopefully some eggs or something soon. It's getting me anxious.


Anonymous said...

So! You finally realize you should listen to ya motha!
Snake bites, tree branch attacks, plum slashes...what am I gonna do with you??

Lewie said...

Geez, You really should listen to your mother :)