Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pinny goodness

Because my Pinner male is gay, I broke down and got me a female so that I wouldn't be too dissapointed if he didn't throw any babies this season. At least I already have my girl!

Isn't she sweeeeeet?

Almost a solid stripe, something I've been looking for in the Pins for a while. Also, a pretty reduced pattern, so... I'm pleased!

Tommorow will be moving males around day. I'll see if I can snap some photos too of something more interesting than the standard pics I always put up :)

And in cleaning this past weekend, I got a solid shed, and took some pictures for people to see. On the left is the top of the snake, and the right is the belly of the snake. The scalation is very interesting, and I just thought that the picture would give some people a better idea of shedding.

And more photos from the weekend, here is my Dawg looking like the spawn of satan.

Gotta love the Tapetum Lucida.

And for the record, he had his shirt on cause there was company over. He can't walk around naked with people over now, can he?

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