Friday, February 20, 2009

They're just hugging

Its Friday, and I am very glad for the weekend. It's been one of those weeks where every day of the week I get more tired.

I need some rest.

BUT! Tommorow is a busy busy day. Lots of things happening, people coming over, fun times and such, so I may not be able to recover until Sunday.

We shall see.

With that being said, we have some hugs this week that I finally uploaded.

Pewter to Normal. This baby boy is a STUD. Tiny little man with an appetite for sex.

Enchi and Normal. Another Studmuffin. No doubts about him...

And my Sable is finally getting into the swing of things. He has found some girls he likes, and is sticking to them. Hey, whatever, as long as I get a few more sables out of it.

Gotta love hugging. Makes people feel good.

Go out and hug someone today. It's Friday.

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