Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have Arachnophobia.


When I was a kid, I couldn't even kill a spider. One day, I tried, and I squished it with a tissue... A big black and brown one. Do you know what it did? It SCREAMED!!!

Since then, I have always been freaked out about killing spiders, although I can do it.

I actually have a jumping spider that lives in my office desk somewhere that I see occasionally.

I'm trying to get over my fear, be it irrational or not. I've been pretty scarred by spiders in my life..

I also remember a time when I was asleep in my mothers car when I was a kid, and she was driving. I felt something crawling on me.. I woke up to brush it off, and it was a HUGE jumping spider that jumped away when I screamed in terror. My mom almost crashed the car... Yeah, I remember...

And Joel wants a Tarantula.


But I have to say, I'm not too afraid of these spiders. They are actually really cool in my opinion! I can touch them without shivering in fear, so I think we're getting somewhere :)

This is the hot light spider female with a couple others that I have in hiding.. They are sexy beasts, and gives you an idea of the variations in shading that are available as well as the patterns.

Someone asked me recently, "Why do they call them Spiders?" From what I understand, NERD had called them that due to the patterning on the back that looks like a Spider Web.

I think its a pretty appropriate name.

And here is the combo photo.

How do you make a Bumblebee??

Spider + Pastel = Bumblebee

It's that simple. Isn't it weird how different they look???

Awesome stuff man...

Have a great day!!!

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