Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, since this is "Learn about Heather Week", heres a tidbit for you.

I lived in Brazil for 4 months over the course of two years during High School doing Health Works and related community service stuff.

2 months each time, during the summer.

I taught English, taught dental hygenie, built a community center, learned a lot about Brazillian culture and spoke Portuguese.

These photos are around 7 years old.

I went with a program called Amigos de las Americas. If you have any children around the age of 16 that needs some perspective in life, this is the program to send them to!!

I learned recently that the program stopped going to Brazil, which is very sad... Brazil is an AMAZING country, and place. I plan on going back there one of these days.

I have to admit that when I was told I was assigned to Brazil, I was actually upset. I didn't want to learn Portuguese!!! I spoke Spanish!!!

But all of that went away after I went the first time, and the second time around, I chose to go back voluntarily to Brazil. And it was totally worth it!

Here is a few of the community kids helping me at ground zero of the community center.

Now I fully admit that this is just Heather's musings, and nothing having to do with snakes whatsoever.

Did I see any snakes in Brazil when I was there? Yes, I did.


It was this thing, but pink..

And now that I have my snakes now, its actually gotten me more interested in herping in different countries. I wish I would have gotten photos of the snakes that I have seen over the years. Oh well.

Anyway, pairings for the week are:

Albino x Axanthic het Albino
Normal x Black Pastel
Normal x Pewter
Normal x Sable
Pinstripe x Mojave
Poss Het Ghost x POG
Poss Het G Stripe x G Stripe
Poss Het Pied x Pied
Het Albino x Albino
Poss Het Caramel x Caramel

Alright... Lets get over the hump day!


Quick shout out to the ladies in that San Francisco Clinic that read the blog!! Hope you enjoy it!!

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Anonymous said...

Man Heather I'm loving this learn about "The Wonginator Week". Also glad to hear that POG is in the mix this season.