Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special Request

So it is officially official.

I am sick. Joel is sick, and now I am sick.

Kinda explains the tired I've been feeling the past couple of days, and the fact that everything seems so ...tiring.

So, I am trying my darndest to make sense in this blog today, as I am drugged up on coffee and cough meds.

Makes for an interesting day, that's for sure... Caffeine and drugs.

Anyway, I've been trying for more artsy photos, and Lew has been helping me. He took this one, and I like it!

Spotty is getting more and more exposure every day this week, it seems, but he was such a good model... We have a few more pics to share with him involved, so.. keep it tight.

Well, my friend Tim wanted to see Pee-Oh-Gee. He is a hard sucker to photograph, but I tried!

I kinda washed out his color, but he looks more ghostly this way, so I am alright with it.

Yesterday was cleaning and water day... I am getting unsure about the whole paper thing, cause water RUINS paper... and it is that much more work to have to replace it every day. It was not the funnest... and when you are sick and things take 2 times as long.. yeah. I was not happy by the end of the evening.

But my real issue is, what can I do to go back to wood chips without having to worry about wood mites and humidity mold?



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Anonymous said...

Hey Heather Pee-O-Gee is looking great. On the paper topic I use white butchers paper and it seemed a little more sturdy when wet it doesn't tear or anything I get mine at Smart and Final here in town not sure if you guys have them there. The bad part is its sold in rolls and well cutting it is a pain, but I just sit at the desk and get on a roll and cut alot at one time. I will tell you I'm still on the first roll and I change out paper at least every week if not more on some.

Tim Johnson
Royal Morphz