Monday, March 2, 2009

TWO HUNDRED!!! And Balls?? Not the kind you think.

Well it is the two hundredth post I have made on the Blog, and I have to say, I didn't actually think this was going to last or have as much popularity as it does!

Thank you, to my loyal readers, and to my friends, for reading and making this worth while!!


This weekend was Snow. Actually for about an hour it was snow. Let me explain.

My dog is a snow dog. I actually didn't know this until he was around 3-4 years old, the first time we brought him up to snow. He had a BLAST! So, I always wanted to take him back when the season came.

So, Saturday, we packed up the car and drove up to the snow.

Here's where we were starting from...

And where we were going.

Yes, it is very nice to have the luxury of traveling to the snow, and not living in it.

And here are the guys, getting excited :)

Yes, we did get him a coat, although he didn't need it. It was around 60 degrees up there. We didn't need any snow coats or anything, although we brought them..

My dog is fixated on balls.. So what better than to have him play with snow balls??

And while the Fuzzbutt and I were playing with snowballs, Joel was making his Snow Man out of Snow Balls.

He didn't get to finish.. Why???

Well.. About an hour into the playing and the snow and the running around in the glorious white powder.. The dog got sick.

He vomited, and just basically laid out on the snow. He was lucid, but was weak and didn't want to move. This is ABSOLUTELY not like my dog in any sense, so I got very concerned, and we took him home. I even had to carry him to the car, which is not like him either.

Poor Fuzz.

So after some water and evaluation, we drove home. And of course, to top off the drama of the day, a car was on fire on the other side of the freeway!!

How much better can it get??

Well, Regal actually seemed to have either eaten something bad, or gotten into a bad patch of weeds, or had altitude sickness (which he has never had before), but he also had an allergic reaction to something, as his face puffed up for a bit that night. So we stayed home and watched his progress...

After about an hour of being home, he was acting normal and eating and drinking fine.

Joel threatened to go back to the snow... cause when we got back home it was still light outside.

But the adventure ended well, and we had fun for the time that we were there up until the illness.

So Sunday was kickback day and Fuzz was back to normal, and although I did feed, I don't have any stories that can top Saturday, so I'm going to leave it at that.

Happy Monday, people.


Anonymous said...

Glad You,The Joel, and FuzzButt had a great time in the snow. It looked like so much fun

Anonymous said...

Down with ball pythons :P


A Wong said...

maybe he ate squid salaaad. poor dog.