Friday, March 13, 2009

I caved..


This weekend is going to be CRAZY!!!

We have a bunch of family stuff going on, as my Uncle will be in town from Chicago, Joel's Grandma is having a get together, and I don't get to sleep in tomorrow due to some house work being done.

It will be fun, but hectic. I'll for sure have my camera.

I'm just glad I am getting better with this illness, I don't feel as slow, and I actually can get up in the morning without pressing the snooze button 10 times. It only takes 5!!!

Anyway, yesterday I sucked it up and changed a few of the 15qts back to sani-chips.

I do use Aspen, in the form of Sanichips, so the type of wood actually isn't the problem...

Its just those little suckers that seem to proliferate in the blink of an eye. I'm keeping my eye on them... We shall see what works soon.

I realize this whole week has been me bitching about my woodmites, so I'm going to tone it down until I can announce to the world that I have figured out a good way to eradicate them completely. But thank you all for the kind words of support and advice!!! I appreciate it.

Anyway, I am here thinking about a lot of things, especially taking some nicer pics and stuff for the next few weeks..

I moved the males around, and some of the females are not interested at all! (Good signs!!!) Let us hope that by the end of this month, I will have something to celebrate with the first eggs of the season.

It will be a glorious day indeed.

Can't wait for something positive to happen. Happy thoughts!!!

Have a great weekend, friends!


Anonymous said...

Have a good weekend and I'm super glad you are feeling better.

Tim Johnson
Royal Morphz

Anonymous said...

Heather, keep up the good work with the blog. I check it almost daily and really enjoy it.
Take care,

Rob Dempsey