Thursday, March 12, 2009

Waffling around..

Waffling... I like Waffles. My Momma makes them good.

But in this case, it is me going back and forth about Wood chips versus paper, and wood chips is winning out. Problem is the woodmites I have had in the closed rack systems, and I HATE mites. Makes my skin crawl.

So the real question is, what to do? I've been asking around, and I have no idea what I really plan to do. I think maybe switching out the sanichips more often will help alot, but... to get them is a challenge in itself. So... what to do?

I think I'll be testing theories out today... and cleaning out things and moving things around. I'm sick, but I'm not dead. Today will be change up day again.

Anyway, photos were taken, cleaning was sparsly done, as I was hacking up my lung while doing so... But things are progressing, and that is all I can ask for. A few more ovulations are happening, and bowl wrapping and so forth. Lets see who drops first.... Lets hope it is soon!

I love my Pinner :) The new one that I got in is awesome!!

Haven't named her yet, but I am stoked to have her here to make some cool combos for me... So many possibilities!

And you gotta love the artsy fartsy photos the Lew and I took. Here are a couple more.

Yes, she was hiding upside down. She didn't think I could see...

Love this picture. So mysterious and beautiful.. Kinda encompasses "Snake" for me.

Can't wait for the weekend. Need some rest. Take care of yourselves, friends.


Anonymous said...

Have you tired useing Aspen? It should be easier to get ahold of and I really like it. Though there is the same issue with the wood mites but like you said changing it more often should help with that.

Good luck!

Randi Barker

Anonymous said...

hey heather kyle from over on fuana i got a good idea use aspen shavings and bake it at like 200 degrees in the oven that should kill all the bugs and eggs inside the wood.