Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saint Patty's Day Tale

Let me tell you a story of my preparing for Saint Patty's Day.

I like green, I like beer, I like corned beef.

Why not like Saint Patty's Day? It's always been one of those "holidays" that is an excuse to party, so I decided to do it up!

I had this in mind a few weeks ago, cause I like to cook things up for my friends.

So, I wanted to go to the store.. I asked Joel if we should go on Thursday, which is our normal store day. He said ..later.

I said, no problem. We have plenty of food otherwise, I'll just pick up the corned beef on Monday.


Let me tell you something. There is a Corned Beef SHORTAGE here in Southern California and I went to FOUR stores to look for it.

Even the butcher at one of the stores laughed at another customer for asking... "Now is not the time to be shopping for Corned Beef the day before!! Hahaha..."

So I drove and called and drove around until around 10PM looking..


At the 5th store, not the cut of meat I wanted, but I found it. 10:50, 10 minutes before closing..

I was so HAPPY!

Note to self: If there is a meal that is typically consumed on a day by the rest of public, PURCHASE EVERYTHING SEVERAL DAYS AHEAD OF TIME.

So, the crock pot is set, I am "cooking" as we speak (WOOT!) and everything should be right with the world.

And in a world where Ball Pythons do not come in green, I have decided to post a photo of a Tree Boa that is green to make it seem more appropriate. No, I don't have one, but they are beautiful, aren't they?

More pics of my awesome cooking tommorow. HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patty's day to you and The Joel from Liza and I

Tim Johnson
Royal Morphz