Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yesterday was very uneventful, although I did break open the DEGEI software to get it updated, and had a little bug problem, so didn't get to do what I planned. That will be tonight.. Excited for that!!!

I LOVE DEGEI!!! Great for keeping info updated, without having a bunch of cards or writing everywhere. I have it on my Laptop, so that I can take it where I need to. Its a fabulous program for those who have a significant amount of animals... and a lazy writing hand. (Me...)

But today is one of those days where I didn't really preplan the blog.

I usually have plenty of photos to pick from, an idea of what to write up, and a motivation to do so with something in mind.

That is not the case today.

While I am gearing up for the BBQ next week that I am planning for the locals here in Southern California, I have realized that a lot of my good friends are all in the snake community.

Since college, that is really where I have been in my social life, and its actually kinda interesting to note that my best friends local to me are my "snake friends".

I really look forward to meeting new people in the community as well, and it makes things that much more exciting when I know someone I haven't seen for a while is going to be at a show!

Does that make me a weirdo?


But I like being a weirdo.

I was telling my co-worker yesterday over lunch, I have never been one to do the normal thing.

I played Football in High School, just cause I thought it would be fun and different. It was!!!

I lived in Brazil for a while to teach English and help build a community...

I've never been normal.

And I am fine with that :)

Who do you know actually laughs after she gets bit by a snake?


So to all of my local friends, customers who are friends, friends from across the country, THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for appreciating this weirdo for who she is.

A weirdo who loves snakes...

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Anonymous said...

Super glad to call you one of my friends sister

Tim Johnson