Thursday, March 26, 2009


So yes, in the quest to learn more about Heather, I have a younger brother.

His name is Brohbs.

Not really, I just call him that.

He and I grew up together (duh!) and he is 18 months younger than I am.

He's off learning about the world, while I grow snakes :)

He's not as into it as I am (None of my family are), but he has helped occasionally when visiting the house and so forth. He even helped me pick up rodents one time..

Good times :)

Now... Why am I reminiscing?

Cause this is the down time before laying and crazy waiting where I can just enjoy and update records, scan pictures, and get ready for the craziness.

(I can't wait to see this happening!!)

Last night I actually took pictures of almost ALL of the snakes in the collection to update the photos for records in Degei. It took FOREVER!!! I should be done tonight, then it is putting them into the records that will take a while as well, but that is alright! At least I will be caught up!

And then the eggs will come, and I will have to start all over again...


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