Friday, March 20, 2009

Trip down memory lane (Happy First of Spring!)

So I've been going thru my garage trying to get rid of stuff due to having it redone.

I found alot of stuff that I didn't even remember I had!!!

I found photos of me when I was 16... High School photos...Photos of my international travels... Photos from College...

And you know what it made me think?

God, I'm old.


On top of all of that, I found a huge tub of stuff snake wise that I have had since the beginning... Including fake rocks, water dishes, lights, heat pads, and the like.

It has been a while since I even considered using any of that stuff, so it was kinda odd to find it in a big red tub.

Which kinda brings me to my point..

No matter how long you have a snake, breed snakes, love snakes in general, you will never know everything about them. It is constantly a learning process.

Who of you out there started out with a 10 gallon tank, a lamp and a waterdish only cause the petstore told you that was how to do it?

With that in mind, no matter what I tell you here in the blog, it is not the golden rule.

The only golden rules there are are:

1) Take care of your animal with respect and to the best of your ability.
2) Provide Food, water, shelter.
3) When in doubt, call a vet or an experienced herper.

So take that and use it wisely.

As for snake stuff other than in the garage, I actually caught a very nice Ovulation yesterday from one of my girls. She was bred to the Black Pastel, so I should be good on eggs soon! I'm very excited to see some type of progress, considering that some people on the East Coast already have eggs on the ground.

Tommorow will be the first Wedding of the Year, so we will be doing more Wedding things. I may be able to squeeze some snake time in, and this weekend should be more laid back. Thank goodness.

Have a great weekend, People, and Happy Spring!!

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