Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Changes, Loving, Learning

So, I'm switching most of my tubs from Sani-chips to paper. Why? Cause I have been having issues with wood mites.

Let us discuss wood mites for a second.

Wood mites are NOT snake mites.

Snake mites are black. Wood mites are white.

Snake mites are drinking blood. Wood mites are eating wood.

Why then, is it an issue, if the wood mites are not eating the snakes?

Because creepy crawlies on MY skin stress me out. I can imagine that being the case with my snakes as well.

So, to nip it in the bud, I switched all of the closed rack systems to paper. It's not as easy to spot clean, but it is less stressful and less wood chips everywhere in my carpet and crevices of the room.

I'm actually kinda looking forward to it.

We shall see how it goes. Wish me luck!

I love my Pewter boy. He is working it like crazy, and although he is not the most stunning of Pewters (more cinnamon than Pastel), I am really really excited for him to be working his magic this season. Pewters are a GREAT morph, and my first double co-dom combo that I started working with.

He should have a really studly name, but I have not had the time to think about it, to be honest... So he is just Pewter male.

Here is my Enchi 08. Her name is One oh Eight, cause she was the only one in '08.

And if you recall when she hatched, I actually had an issue with identifying her compared to a Pastel when she came out.

And here is that comparison photo for you guys and for me too, so that when it happens this season, things will be a bit easier for me to identify!


Anonymous said...

Man that Pewter get around doesn't he Heather lol. I love that Enchi and that Pastel has one hell of a hook on it's back. Don't they say something about hooks? Well nice to read the blog this morning please keep us updated on how the paper works out and how it changes your cleaning schedule. Thanks hun

Tim Johnson
Royal Morphz

Lady Dragon said...

Heather, to you he may not be the best pewter, but a pewter is a pewter, and he's getting his job done, so that is what counts. Hope the paper works out better for you. The enchi is beautiful, I can see how you had a difficult time figuring her out. Look forward to more updates. Thanx.


Colin Weaver said...


Hopefully you won't be plagued by a massive non-feeding streak when you switch to paper. My animals (all on cypress mulch) won't even look at a rat if I move them to paper. The hunger strike can last for months. If I move them back to mulch they eat almost instantly. I hope it goes better for you that it does ('did', I don't play that any more) for me.