Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend/Wedding Overview

This weekend was only somewhat Snakey, and I am sorry for that. Seems like things are getting to be rather complacent in the snake department, and that is due to the waiting game we have with the snakes for any eggs or development of eggs.

Friday was a trip to see my friend Tom Baker at his house and meet up with another friend for dinner...

Good times!

Mmmmmm.. Dinner


Pastel Ivory x Normal

A nice Pastel

Pastel Mojave x Pastel

Sterling Pastel (Super Pastel Cinnamon)

And the magical only one in existance, Pastel Super Crystal. Isn't he amazing? His colors are coming out a lot more now.. Slight yellows and some oranges. Amazing.

Saturday was Wedding Number One of the year.

It was at a Country Club.. Swanky

Moms did the light the candle thing. Seems to be a more common thing now.

There is the Happy Couple!!!

And the reception.

Isn't it pretty?

And another happy couple...

Did you see at the reception how sunny it was??? Yeah. Me too...

And then, at 2AM Sunday Morning, it began to rain. WHAT?????

Weird weather is abounding. But Sunday was not too wet, so chores were done, and the sun was out anyway, so it was like nothing happened. Feeding day last night, and no one is interested, really...

BUT!!! A few of the girls that haven't eaten for 6+ months are starting up again. YAY! Thing is, I need to get the rest of the crew to start up again too...

There is always something, eh?

Have a good Monday, my friends...

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