Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shipping!!! and a Blast from the Past

It's shipping day, and I am ready to send out the last baby from 08' that is to be sold. Its a bittersweet moment, but 09' is fast approaching, and I am ready for what it is to bring!

So a basic overview of shipping is, Box lined in styrofoam, cushioning for shipping (crumpled paper), heat pack or cold pack depending on the temps of the area in which it will be shipped, snake bag or cup, and tape. Lots of tape.

Tape the heat pack after activation to the top inner portion of the styrofoam, making sure not to block the red line.

Pack the snakes in the bags. Sometimes I like to leave a crumpled up piece of papertowel in the bag to soak up any snake-ly fluids that may be expelled when shipping. Tie the bags tight, and zip tie the end.

If you are using a cup, make sure to tape it up correctly, without blocking any breathing holes.

Make sure the snakes do not lay on or with each other, for fear of crushing each other.

Make sure everything is set, and seal the box!!

Tape it up, all corners, and ship it out!

It's that easy, but very nerve wracking. Once it is out of your hands...

Anyway, at the request of my friend Dale, I scanned a few of the photos I found in the garage. These photo, I was around 16? I played on the JV Football team as the only girl. It was a LOT of fun, and I was way skinnier back then.

..... Yeah.

And an actual snake photo, as I have been lagging on that hard core... Mojave that I hatched out in 08'. What a pretty girl!

Anyway, I will have a few more blast from the past pics, cause it is rather therapeutic to see them, and I can scan/preserve them and have an excuse to do so.

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Whoa Heather I would have hated lining up against you LOL. Have a good day hun

Tim Johnson