Friday, March 6, 2009



At the request of my friend Marcus, I have decided to go over which incubators I have used, and what I use now, and why!

So, back in the day, when I first started out, I used a Lyon incubator. Had I known what I knew now, I would have not gotten it, because for the price and size, it was not worth it.

I also used maternal incubation, which worked out well, but I will get into that another day.

(This is my first female I ever hatched out from maternal incubation)

I had heard about the Hovabators, but never got into them. I know people that have had success with them, but more people who are wary about using them due to the failure rates and overheating.

I bought a Nature's Spirit Incubator, but it was too small for my needs. It worked great though!

So, I moved on to the Big Apple Herp incubator, and so far, I have had great success and enough space for all the clutches!

Here they are!

You see how ugly they are? There are two, one on top of the other...

This one fits around 12+ 6 qt tubs each. The fan and the heat are on the top, and the water for humidity with sponge gets blown with the warm air, which raises the humidity.

I use my herpstat for the incubator. LOVE Herpstat.

And to monitor temps, I use an Acurite monitor, which you can find in the home improvement section of Walmart.

These things work as a backup monitor to confirm the temps in the incubator being monitored by the thermostat.

So that is pretty much what I use now, in the situation I am in.

The larger breeders with lots of clutches actually have an incubator room that are closets that are insulated. I've seen them in person, and they are very impressive. BUT!!! I am not there yet...

No closet incubators for me yet...

So until then, I will use my Big Apple Herp.

Anyway, I hope this helps in giving you an idea of what I use. Any questions??

Next week I will go over making an egg box.

Have a great weekend, my friends!!! I hope things are well with you and enjoy your free time!!

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Awesome Write up Heather

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