Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dirty dirty snakes... (Warning. DIRTY!)

My snakes are dirty dirty dirty little monkeys.

Why do I say this?

Because, and I'm sure most of you know, that no matter what I do, and how diligently I clean and perfectly fold the paper or sift thru the Sanichips, the snakes will find a way to completely ruin it within that second that you turn your back.

You walk away to throw away that pile of dirty paper, or that old shed, and BAM!!!!!

Looks worse than before you started cleaning!

And, to add to the aggravation, I believe I did say I was going to stop pairing soon?

Well, what do you know, that after the rains came, almost all of the males were getting work done...

Here, let me show you some dirty snakes with dirty actions on dirty substrate (forgive me).

One of the reasons I love Sanichips is that its really not that obvious how dirty the snakes can get a cage. Just spot clean and move on... These guys aren't that dirty physically, but in actions... WHOA! Shield my innocent little eyes!

Mojo x Normal

Sable x Normal

Caramel x Poss Het (He was solidly locked, but by the time I got my camera, he got shy... Dirty boy...Can't you see he's smiling smugly?)

Pinner x Normal (He's hiding his head cause he knows he's being dirty..)

And here is the actual dirty that you can see on top of the filth that is the smut that we are looking at... (DIRTY!)

Albino x Pied....

Those of you that may not know, some females decide to expell bodily fluids when introduced to a male... This Albino did just that, and I didn't want to disturb them while the action was done... And to top it off, she went to wallow in her water bowl as well, so it was soaking when I took this photo..

Gee doing it big with his number one gal... (AND WATCHING HIMSELF DO IT TOO!!) Dirrrrrty!

And unfortunately, this newspaper that was so carefully folded and replaced by me was redecorated a few days ago by a rat before the male came to call. He doesn't seem to mind... TSK Axanthic het Albino x Spider.

And things may just get a bit dirtier, as I am going to be gone tommorow for the weekend to visit the Smoj and the Fa in SF!!!

But that's alright... They'll be fine.

And I'll have a lot of work cut out for me when I get back.

So, tommorow's blog (for those who know when exactly I get it done every day) may be late in coming.. or possibly not at all. I don't have any fancy doo-hickies that help me get on the internet without a computer, so... We'll have to see what happens.

BUT!!! It's supposed to rain this weekend.

Hmmm.. I wonder if I have a rain coat?

WHY YES I DO!!!! (In your face, Space Coyote!!!)

April Showers bring May Flowers... Bring it on!

And my Dirty Monkeys will play...


Anonymous said...

nice seeing all the snake sex today hun lol. Also just wanted to thank your for both calming me on what may be a terrible business deal and helping me decide on one that may prove to be the best lol


Ademar Couto said...

I wanted that my ball group would have this

what state is your facility, in case of a travel to your country ?