Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunshine, Lollypops, and Rainbows


Well, although I have to say it is not sunshining right now here in So Cal, I have a bright spot in my world that is new, and that I would like to share.

Sunshine, Lollypops, and Rainbows everywhere...

Are you suprised I know this song?? WAY before my time... but, I do! Enjoy your flashbacks, people who grew up with it.

I am thinking about calling her "Sunny".

She is a Pastel Yellowbelly that I am in love with. She is also the last animal to be new to the crew until snakelings hatch here at Heathers Herps.

Isn't her flaming amazing??? I LOVE Yellowbellies, and she is a very good example of one.

And here is the obligatory Yellowbelly belly shot.

I think I am good with my Yellowbellies for a while. I'm at my limit with my magical number.

Hopefully I will be able to pop out something cool next year with some of my YB females. EXCITING STUFF!

Ivories, Combos with YB in them... Hmmmmmmm..

Too much to think about.

No more eggs yet either... Hopefully some soon!

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