Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Burn any Bridges

Especially the ones that get me back to Los Angeles!

Here are more photos from my trip this past weekend.

You know that famous bridge, Golden something???

Yeah, I was there...

There were crazy amounts of people on the Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday.

Everyone wanted to enjoy the beautiful day on a historic monument.
And we were in the City for Dim Sum.
Not sure who out there is familiar with it, but it is a type of Chinese food that is regularly served for brunch. Lots of little dishes with dumplings and other goodies with tea to drink and deliciousness.
It is the Chinese version of Afternoon Tea.

Doesn't it look yummy? Cause it totally was...
After that, we were on our way back to LA... Across yet another bridge.. Not so famous, so just gets one photo. But yes, another bridge. Lots of bridges in the San Fran area.

And did you know that on Sunday, Jesus came down and mowed his name and cross into the hillside?

"Jesus Saves"

I thought the photo was pretty cool, even though you can't see it well...

And we got home that night, and cleaned. I took some photos of Poppy and her growing brood. They are definately black and white now, and have yet to open their eyes, but are getting much bigger now!

Last night, I got my stuff together and got my No on HR669 stuff ready to send out. You should as well!
Time is running out to send in your letters to representatives about your feelings on HR669. http://www.nohr669.com/ is the first place to check out what to do, and then DO IT!
Your voices need to be heard in regards to how you feel about not being able to own/care for your beloved "non-native" pets.
Please do what you can, get involved, as this will irrevocably damage what we are herpers and hobbyists are fighting to achieve!
Do what needs to be done, but don't burn any bridges. Be polite, be succinct, but most importantly, express how you feel about the bill!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me!!
Have a great day, my friends...

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