Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still chugging along

So with females exploding with hugeness (ovulations), and time ticking away, I am actually still getting good locks from some of the boys!

Gee has finally made it with all of his girls...

And Mister Pinner has actually been doing stuff! I'm highly impressed, considering I had yet to see him lock with anyone up to this point. YAY!

And a little bit of love... I thought this picture was too cute. No, I didn't set them up (other than put him in the tub), and No, they didn't move. It's "WUB!"

So, I wanted to touch on something that a friend had called me about a few weeks ago. (Thanks, Matt)

I do breed my snakes on Sanichips.

Sometimes I don't, sometimes I do.

It is very important to check your males internal organs for remnants after they breed, however.

They can get into the hemipenes and cause devastating infections. So what do I do to prevent it?

The boys sleep on Newspaper or papertowels when alone, and when they are taken out for a rest period, they get to get popped to check for any sanichips in orafices and crevices.

Its important to make sure your animals are safe and healthy, and this is one of those ways to do it!

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Anonymous said...

awesome right up Heather and great question Matt