Friday, April 3, 2009


So some of my boys have grown up!

Pinner is going to be a daddy, and I remember when I got that little booger from my friend!! I loved him so much cause of his almost complete stripe down the back (Which is why they are called Pin STRIPES! There are some that don't even fit the bill....)

Pin dood is an 08 male that I got in trade (TRADES ARE GREAT!!!) and I was hoping was going to go that year. My luck didn't pan out, so I fed him up for this season.

Here he is, a few months after getting him...

Imagine my dismay when early on in this season he wasn't interested at all... I LOVE Pinstripes, and think they are one of the coolest busy pattern morphs around.

But I didn't need to worry. He is picking up for me, and I will be throwing him in with a few more girls this season to get to my magical number of a morph.

I have given myself a limit, and although I have a feeling it may be, my magical number is 5.

5 of each morph am I allowed to have. Now am I actually following this? Suprisingly, yes!

Most morphs I haven't hit that magical number yet, but... I'm working on it. TRADES, BABY, TRADES!!!

Pinners: 2

I need more :)

Come on Pinner, make me some sexy striped back pinner babys!!

This weekend is going to be very low key. I need it.

This upcoming week will be crazy, and next weekend I am taking the beloved trip HOME to see the fam.. YAY EASTER!! Maybe eggs when I get back?? Who knows!

Anyway, I hope to have something interested to blab about on Monday. I most likely will...

Have a great weekend, my friends... I really hope that things are doing well for you all.


Anonymous said...

Heather have a great weekend and I'm crossing all my crossibles that you get eggs soon


dsirkle said...

I see that the number of subscribing Wongites is growing