Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well....It begins.

Today is the HR669 hearing, and I can't watch it...

I can't hear or see anything about it other than idle chatter on Twitter. ARGH!

For those who can, HERE is the link to a live stream of the meeting.

Here is also a Live Blog, which I am following when I can, also about the meeting.

And now, we wait and listen with baited breath.

Lets see what happens, people.

Anyway, I finally got the photos up from the delivery earlier this week. Seems like I am beating it into the ground, but since I don't have many other photos to share, here it is.

Here is the biggest box I have ever received in my snake receiving history..

And here it is, opened, with paper everywhere, and the snakes securely set in their tubs in the Quarantine rack.

And here are the girls!! The first two are in the Heather's Herps family, and the others are a friends. Was easier to have one big box!

And of course, they all spilled thier water before the photo was taken... Oh well.

So there you go.

I promise to stop taking about them now.

Lets all watch and hope and see what happens with HR669.

Cross all crossables, people. Let our efforts mean something..

Have a great day, no matter what happens, my friends. Life is short.

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Anonymous said...

Look at Those hooks I'm loving them already and Heather that big girl is super big lol