Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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But plenty of stories!!!

It seems that because of the timing in the season, or the lull, if you may, before the storm, there has been very little Heather gets to share with you all...

Yesterday, I sat down and filled out (BY HAND, mind you, none of that computer printing for ME) all 22 of the letters to send to the representatives in Congress about No on HR669. It took a while, but what is a few hours compared to forever not being able to have my snakes?

Joel and I are finished (I had to prod Joel into signing the letters), and the manila envelopes are sitting in my car to be sent out.

Now my question to you is, have you done yours?

We need to get our voices heard, and each person is someone...

Here is a letter I recieved from USARK (

Reptile Nation,

I know that we are facing dangerous and confusing times for the Reptile Community. Our end is upon us if we don't take decisive action to save ourselves. We have the power to decide our own future if we will only wake up and do what needs to be done!!

Thank you to those of you who have taken it upon yourself to take action. I know it has been frustrating. Congress is not set up to be reached by email. We have experienced broken links, constituent filters, blocks and deletions. But our opponents at HSUS lobbying for the bill have faced the same setbacks; although they have shown up in much larger numbers. As for the groups opposing the bill, USARK has generated the most contacts according to congressional staffers. But we must do much better or we will fail.

I just returned from a trip to Capitol Hill. Our lobbyist Tom Wolfe set up meetings with both sides of the Congressional Subcommittee considering HR669. We also did drop in visits to subcommittee member offices to make our case. Support was split down party lines. The Republicans support us and the Democrats oppose us. The Democrat side can win with a straight party line vote. The good news is that since meeting with USARK the Ranking Republican Rep Harry Brown, SC contacted me and has made this bill a priority.

He has given us precise instructions on how to most effectively contact the subcommittee.The Reptile Community must wake up or all will be lost. This is a huge mailing list. Yet only a few are taking action to contact the subcommittee. If everyone on this list did their part we would avalanche the subcommittee and make our point. We could kill HR669. We need to get off our lazy asses and start writing and calling the subcommittee members. The Hearing is on the 23rd of this month. That is all the time we have to save ourselves from being completely destroyed... And make no mistake, if HR669 passes the Reptile Community will be decimated overnight. Rep Brown's office suggests we focus on direct contact with subcommittee members. That means written letters followed up by phone calls. They are telling us that email and fax are the least effective way to contact members... They get lost and deleted. We need to call and write. They are also saying to send the letters directly to our lobbyist and have him deliver them in mass to the subcommittee members. If you are focusing on other activities STOP until after you complete this important task. Start calling and writing. The Key is IN MASS!!! It has greater impact that way. The time is now to fight for your life. We must convince several Democrats to oppose HR669 to prevail.

This is what we need to do: Write a letter to each member of the subcommittee. Click this link for the sample letter from our archive and names and phone numbers for committee members.

Label each envelope w/ the committee members name and your name and return address.

Put all these letters in a large manila envelope and send to: Tom Wolfe, 6246 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22205

Call each member of the subcommittee- you will be speaking with staff. Let them know you Oppose HR669. Be civil, but tell them how this will effect you and your family. Check where members are from. If any of the members are your district representatives, or are from your state, make sure they know you are their constituent. If we are not annihilated by HR669 be prepared to do this over and over again. From now on political action will be needed regularly to maintain our rights.

If you have not joined USARK please click the link on the bottom of the page and protect your rights. Please post this letter on every forum and social networking site you can think of.


Andrew Wyatt President USARK


This is nothing to scoff at, and nothing to ignore.

Please do something to help in the fight to preserve our rights.

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