Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!

It is Earth Day, my friends, and I am glad to be living on this planet!

What am I going to do today to make this Earth a better place?

I'm going to get my act together and be more fit and healthy.

Did you know that it is ecologically unsound to be overweight?

Here is an article I found about it, and to be honest, it makes sense...

So, I'm gearing up.

Plus, I have another gaggle of weddings to go to this year, and I might as well look good!

The count of weddings is up to three already this year... Geez!

Anyway, on the snake front, I received a gigantic package yesterday full of beautiful females. Thank you, Emily!

What, pray tell, where they?

Well, they will be girlfriends for my Pied boy!

I am babysitting two of them, and the other two will be mine.

So a total of four 06' 50% poss het Pied females.

I think I'm pretty much set with the basic Pied project for a while.

I'm very pleased!

I didn't get the pics uploaded in time for todays blog, but they will be up at some point.

So, as the Earth enjoys its day, and we as a group of people enjoy it as well, remember one thing... Live it up! Its a beautiful world out there.

Have a great day, my friends.


Anonymous said...

awesome awesome That pied is sexy crossin all my crossables that we get pieds Heather. Happy Earth Day peoples


Anonymous said...

Hey tomorrow is the big day. For those of you that can here is the website to watch the HR669 debate/vote thing.

Lets hope it goes well!
Randi Barker