Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mammals? Ma-Male?

Its Thursday, and a lot has happened.

I went to Spin class at the gym yesterday for the first time.

It was intense!! My butt hurts too... Up, down, up, down, work it, work it, GOOOOD!

But it was worth it, and I came home to my favorite fuzz butt ever.

Let me introduce you to my number one Ma-Male pet. Mammal? Why yes, I do have a few. And he's not food! WOW!

This is Regal Wong. Owner of all he surveys, fuzzbutt extrordinaire, and my number one favorite fuzz in the world.

He has been my heart since he was 5 weeks old, and he is now six years old.

He likes to hang out with me in the snake room while I am cleaning and junk, to make sure I am doing things right, and that the other lower fuzzes (the food) are in line.

Now let me tell you a story.

Recently, I went to visit my family up north (oh yeah? I blogged about it!). I came back, in April, mind you, with a long forgotten Christmas present from my father to the Fuzz.

It was a very "interesting" (cough cough.. tacky) rubber chicken that squeeked (not really, it was more like a BWAAAAA kind of sound).

Her name was Henrietta, and she was "Santas Little Helper".

Okay. Thanks, Dad.

Regal took a shining to his chicken, and proceeded to love it to death. Within a few weeks, this is the aftermath. RIP, Henrietta.

I think Regal was doing that to show the "Food" who was boss.

Oh well.

Speaking of food, we do have more aliens. The Rat aliens have subsequently grown up into little funny hopping rats, and now, we have mouse aliens too! Aren't they cute??

And not to be outdone by a bunch of mammals on the blog today, here is Spotty McGillicutty, courtesy of Lewie.


Anonymous said...

Ya know Heather that with all the attention Lewie has given to Spotty we are gonna have to work it where he has his own Spotty soon lol


Jackie M. said...

We have a pirate chicken in very similar condition, compliments of our puppy. And oh, Spotty is SO CUTE. Is he a bee?

Heather Wong said...

Spotty is a Bumblebee.

Gotta love the rough and tumble dawgs :)