Monday, April 13, 2009

RETURNED!!! Point Reyes...

I am back.

I always come back :)

Didja miss me?

So this weekend was very nice, and I got to see my parents and hang out and relax a bit..

Unfortunately, I didn't get my camera set before I left, so my trip to the Academy of Sciences was a bust photowise. I bought a disposable, but its not finished, so I haven't gotten it developed to share yet. Hopefully by the end of the week or so, I will be able to share some cool photos of the museum.

But I did manage to get plenty of photos of one of my favorite places to go in California to get away.

Welcome to Point Reyes National Seashore.

I love this place. It is about an hour away from San Francisco, and really a great get away place considering it is pretty close to civilization...
I didn't get to do much herping (wasn't the best time of day, and it was windy), but I did see a few animals.

Overexposed... Didn't see my camera settings, but she was standing and posing, so I wanted to share anyway...
And look at the scenery.. Wait... what are those things on the beach??

Elephant Seals... There were a BUNCH, and they were making the coolest noises and acting all seal-like. It was a pleasure to watch them...

And a random bird that I was able to take a pic of..
The Lighthouse... 300+ stairs down to the farthest tip of Point Reyes.. And 45 mile an hour winds...

Isn't it gorgeous?

I guess for those who are big on lighthouses, this is a very special one, as it is almost complete in its old parts!!

And here are some photos of said parts... (Don't ask me what they are, even though the Park Ranger was trying to explain them...)

I really liked this photo...

Awesome how prisms are used....

Well, it was the season of whale watching, wherein the Pacific Grey Whales migrate back up north after bearing young in Mexico and swim back up to Alaska for food.

I missed the ONE whale that was around, as I was not able to spot it under water. Apparently it was swimming by, and was not breaching, but you could see the shadows... Dangit.


Gotta love that prisine shoreline...

Wild Irises were in bloom. They were awesome!

So I think after that deluge of photos unrelated at all to snakes, I should say that yes, I got home and cleaned..
And pairings are still going on.
Hopefully eggs by the end of the month. Let us cross all crossables!!!

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