Friday, April 17, 2009

Its FRIDAY!!!!!

Man, oh man, I have been waiting for the weekend already.

Not to say that I am doing a bajillion exciting things. I am actually not at all...
Is helping someone move exciting? I think NOT.

But I am hoping to get some sleep, get myself organized and cleaned up, clear out some junk in the house, and overall just get things done that I don't have much of a chance during the week.

Domesticated much?

I actually love being at home in my space.

When I lived with roommates, I was always having a silent battle with myself over what was my space and what was their space, and who did what in what public space, and whose junk was whose and responsibility of cleaning.... It is not an easy way to live if you are a neat freak and they are not, or vice versa.

Plus, living with a man who needs to be constantly reminded what to clean doesn't help, but I am labeling myself anal retentive, now aren't I?

I am not Suzy Home-maker, but I am trying.

Anyway, I digress...

Last night was impromptu feeding night, as the food just showed up at the door! Unfortunately for me, no one seemed that interested in consuming rodentia, so I have the dreaded leftovers... Oh well.

I need to get in the room and palpate and measure and do all those things to prep for eggs that should be coming very soon!

I've been seeing (but not photographing, sorry) lots of belly ups, curls, and ovulations.

I'm hoping to have a few good long females saved and not quite done, as I have a boy dedicated to them soon. Introduction on Monday.

So... I guess the basis of this blog today is that Heather has been slacking, and looking forward to being able to get into gear.

That's what happens when you leave for a weekend... Oh well.

Keep on trucking, my friends. I hope to keep you guys updated with more interesting things soon.

Have a great weekend.. VIRTUAL HUGS!!


Anonymous said...

Miss Heather you have a great weekend Looking forward to SDSS just 70 or so days to go


Anonymous said...

Heather having to remind someone else to clean up? I love it!
A mother's revenge...