Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As Normal as it gets

So, there are again, no eggs to report.

I have gotten to the point where I check twice a day, and honestly, in my mind, I know I shouldn't be there yet. It's not time for it yet. But I do it anyway..

Its an extra 5 minutes of my day in the morning and when I get home from work that I check these gals for pearly white goodness.

So far, no luck.

It's like an Easter Egg Hunt.. without the eggs yet, and over a significant period of time.

So here are a few of the girls I am waiting on...

She has something in there.. I can see it. Gotta love the fatty section.

While waiting on eggs, it seems like more and more legislation over the pet industry is popping up, this time in my own backyard.

The Humane Society of the United States has a bill, AB1122, up for hearing before the CA General Assembly Appropriations Committee this Wednesday, May 6th, 2009. This bill seeks to BAN the sale of animals that are NOT "traditionally" sold through pet shops. This would include many different animals INCLUDING Herps. This is an attempt to end ALL Reptile Shows and "face to face" sales that are the basis for much of how the middle and high end of our market distributes animals. It would eliminate almost ALL sales except from pet shops. Reptile Shows and open air auctions/sales would come to an end in CA.

PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN! Click here for a link to e-mail the comittee members about your feelings on AB1122.

We must stay vigilant..

Phone List:

Kevin de Leon - Chair Dem-45 (916) 319-2045
Jim Nielsen - Vice Chair Rep-2 (916) 319-
Tom Ammiano Dem-13 (916) 319-2013
Charles M. Calderon Dem-58 (916) 319-2058
Mike Davis Dem-48 (916) 319-2048
Michael D. Duvall Rep-72 (916) 319-2072
Felipe Fuentes Dem-39 (916) 319-2039
Isadore Hall III Dem-52 (916) 319-2052
Diane L. Harkey Rep-73 916) 319-2073
Jeff Miller Rep-71 (916) 319-2071
John A. Perez Dem-46 (916) 319-2046
Curren D. Price Jr. Dem-51 (916) 319-2051
Nancy Skinner Dem-14 (916) 319-2014
Jose Solorio Dem-69 (916) 319-2069
Audra Strickland Rep-37 (916) 319-2037
Tom Torlakson Dem-11 (916) 319-2011

Please do all that you can to help in the fight!!

This is our way of life at stake. Don't allow them to take that away!

Fight for your rights, people.

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