Friday, May 15, 2009

Go Poss Hets, Go!

Well, this past week has been a whirlwind.. Thank goodness it is almost over.

Granted this weekend is going to be pretty packed (can we say 2nd wedding of the year?) and I haven't had enough time in the snake room for my tastes.. but its alright. As long as I get to sleep in...

So last night, I get home late from work. I've been working long hours to finish some projects at work, and got home 2 hours late for the second night in a row. Much to my suprise, Joel had a present for me. I love them!!

I heart Roses, but what woman doesn't?

I get some work done around the house, and get a fitful nights sleep.

I wake up, groggy and tired.. Did I even sleep? Yeah, I guess I did...

CRAP, I'm late!

Run to get myself together, and remind myself to take the time to check for eggs.

And of course, like always, things happen when I'm not prepared.

Here is Lisha, my poss het Pied female who didn't prove out last year. She is getting another shot at it this year.

Of course she was angry and not ready to give up the eggs, while I'm here trying to photograph, and hurry up and get...

I moved her a bit, but she wasn't having it. "NO! MINE!"

Finally, success.. I had to make a whole new tub for these, as I forgot to leave an empty one in the incubator.

7 healthy beautiful eggs. Lets hope there is a Pied in here this time. Go Poss Hets, Go!! You can prove out, yes you can!

So with that, I rushed to the comp, uploaded the pics, and ran to work.

And here I am with my coffee in hand, getting ready to get the day done so that I can enjoy my weekend.

And for the final time of the week of Heather's Photographs of Tim's stuff... here is his Pewter.

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends. I know you deserve it.

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dsirkle said...

Joel is obviously an intelligent guy.