Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I LOVE my friends...

There are often days in your life where you reflect on things, and the graces of life that you are grateful for.

I, for one, want to touch on one of my favorite things in my life.

My friends.

I am blessed to have great people in my life who help me and love me and support my snake habit... which is not the only reason why I love them, but it totally helps!!

Let us welcome some new friends from friends to the fold!

This is my new Het Lavendar Albino male. His name will be Spitfire for right now, as when we got him out of the box, he decided to strike at Joel in sucession for around 2 minutes straight. He's a funny character for sure!

But when I took pics of him out of the cup, he was hiding!! Wierdo...

Now for this project, I honestly am not sure where I am going to focus my attentions. Poss hets, maybe get a female het... Too many options. But he needs to grow up a bit first, so priorities are not on him right now.

And a new guardian to the snake room from my friend Fidel...

Apparently he got it in Mexico while on vacation. Gotta love people who think about you on their vacations... Its very cool!!!

The snake guards the top of one of the racks currently (as shown in the photo).

Now, I need to get to figuring out what the heck to do while pacing around waiting for eggs. I swear, if by Friday there is no eggs, I'm going to be sad. We'll be out of town this weekend, so if we miss eggs... It will be a sad day for Heather. Oh well... We shall see.

Have a great day, my friends.


Jackie M. said...

My friend Krystal just got a VPI axanth male and a het female, and immediately named the female Bitey. Bitey stopped biting after a few days, but now she's stuck with the name.

Where did you get the het lav?

Anonymous said...

Hi Hun its been a few blogs since I added a comment that Het Lav is awesome. We will thank that friend with a little Majik lol.

Heather Wong said...

A friend gave him to me. Grant Whitmer produced him, however. I think he may stick with the name for a while, unless Joel comes up with a better name, since HE is the fuel to Spitfire's fire.

And yes, he is just Magickal :)

Krystal said...

Oh, do I know that! (I'm the one Jackie M. mentioned.) Bitey wouldn't stop striking at everything she possibly could, even open air! She's a fun one, though. She's become my extra-mouse-disposal. :D

Brandi said...

ha ha ha, I have a girl (het albino) that is just plain nasty..

her name is Aggro :P

Nice het lav.. do you also have another to pair him up with????