Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh, Come ON!! RAWR

So I've been waiting for the Spider to lay, and she is just not having it yet. I'm thinking by the end of the week this week, she should be dropping. I'm hoping that it is not this weekend, as I will be out of town (AGAIN) but we shall see.

This weekend, I was anticipating much more snake egg action, but rather caught some late Ovs of the season (which may we be my whole season, the way things are going).

This female was barely bred to anything, but she was in with an Albino, and once with the POG. Why, do you ask? Because she is poss het for both Albino and Ghost. I was playing around. I have a feeling that this is an Albino clutch, but we shall see. If any Pastels pop out, we'll have an interesting conundrum on our hands, eh? Or, she may just slug out... It's all in the luck of the draw now.

And another poss het Pied being proven out this season. One of three... YAY!

And the female I wasn't counting on at all this season after a while finally decided to show me up...

Cinny that slugged out last year to my Albino (sad sad day) was now bred to the Pewter for some Supers and Silver Bullets. Looks like she may have a few in there, eh? I'm trying not to get my hopes up again like last year, as I was very close to devastated when she slugged out last year...

Anyway, quick weekend recap.

Pacquiao v. Hatton... What a joke of a fight. 2 rounds, K.O. JEEZ!!! I had round 11. Not even close. Would have been more interesting, and I would have won the pot had we gotten to round 11, but to no avail. Sorry, Hatton. You are all washed up. But Lily made some rocking Ceviche (one of my faves), so I was happy. AND I GOT A NEW SNAKE! (pics to come tommorow)

Fixed up my Ipod. Got some new music (going back to my past with some Forro and some Salsa music to shake things up)

Did more chores, got things cleaned up before the next weekend, and prepping for Mother's day, which is only 6 days away. I hope you are prepared!! All of my snakey mothers will get a nice juicy rat for the day. I greatly appreciate them :)

Anyway, there you go. Lets get thru the week, my friends.

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