Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Snake Update

Happy Memorial Day!

This will be an absolutely memorable day on top of the standard, as I have had a deluge of eggs this weekend.

Let us begin on Friday.

This female wasn't necessarily supposed to go this season, especially considering her mate was the POG (who is tiny!).

But she did. Lets hope for POGs in this clutch, as she is Poss Het Ghost.

Then, the weekend took a boring turn (nothing really going on for a few days...


Two more clutches on the ground.

My favorite blurry girl left me 7 beautiful (yet small) eggs.

And the devil encarnate, named Soshie (after the lady I got her from, who was very very nice, by the way) is currently laying her last egg. Looks like it will be 9 eggs from her to a Sable.


And the finished product!

Lets hope for a lot of Sables!!

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