Monday, May 11, 2009

Roll the Dice, Baby!

Why yes, I was in Vegas over the weekend for Mother's day. Why Vegas? Cause Joel's Mother lives out there, and it was Mothers Day :)

We went out there to enjoy a few days out, and see some friends while we were out there.

We hung out with my pal Tim from RoyalMorphz and his lovely wife Liza.

AND I took some good photos of some of their animals, which I will share thru out the week.

One of my favorite animals they have (not snake-y) is their Uromastyx. I don't recall her name, but she is one cool critter!

That is one animal that BELONGS in the Vegas hot. 100+ degree hot spot? Whew!

Anyway, after a fun filled evening with the Johnsons, we woke up very early to go spend time with Momma Lopez.

Where did we go? A car show in a parking lot on top of the Santa Fe!

Hey look, it's the Strip..

And hey look, it's some cars!

And some more...

I liked this one cause it was flashy and cool colors.

Joel likes this one the best.

Hey look, it's an engine!

I totally found Santa Claus hanging out in Vegas in May.

Pretty red car. I liked this one. If you can't tell, I have NO IDEA what types of cars these are, but it was fun taking photos.

So yeah, after the cars, after a nice lunch with the Mom, we took off back home. Once we got home, I went into the snake room to check on things, and lo and behold, the DAY I was not worried or thinking about eggs, here they are...

This is one of my gals, Aziza, a very nice normal, who was bred to a Black Pastel.

Four nice round ones... YAY!

Egg count is up to 8 eggs, two clutches on the ground, and lots of fun stuff coming soon!

Lets get thru the week, shall we?

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Anonymous said...

Heather it was super nice to have you and Joel and the little ladies name is Little girl (I named her Jaicob but Liza renamed her lol). It's good know hat you have good friends in this world we call snakey lol.