Thursday, May 28, 2009

Axanthics Revisited

Axanthics are just AWESOME.

Some people (mostly here in California, and mostly people I know) call them the Raider Ball.


Yeah, that Football Team whose colors are black and silver.

I don't particularly like the Raiders, so I would just rather call them Axanthics.

And for the record, it is pronounced A-Zan-Thick.

Let us discuss Axanthics.

Like most Recessives, there are lines.

This particular recessive, similar to the Hypo, has some things you need to remember before breeding X Axanthic to Y Axanthic.


This time, it is easier to remember which is compatible to which.
NONE OF THE LINES (as I have been told, again, and have not experienced first hand, but intend to play with) are COMPATIBLE.

Ouch, right?


There are three main lines, with a few others in the straggling wayside, that you will see most often.


Which is better?

Well, that is really a matter of opinion.

If you ask Joe Blow over there, this is what he's heard:

VPI is the best
TSK is okay
Jolliff is butt ugly

Is this true, you ask?

Well, I honestly can't say to that. I work with the TSK line right now, so I can say that I am partial to the TSK line. Do I say that it is the best? Not really. I can't say it with confidence, so I won't.
I don't own VPI line or Jolliff line. Why? Cause they are not compatible! Why would I want incompatible Axanthics in my collection? Cause its FUN! And I plan to do it eventually. But for now, I am a TSK Line Axanthic gal.

Now, I have seen VPI line adults, and some of them have not held a candle to my adult Axanthic female.

In all truthfulness, it really depends on the animal and the selective breeding.

I like to think that all of the lines have stunning examples and crappy examples of the morph.

What would be a crappy example?

If you put it next to a normal, and you can barely if at all tell that it is an Axanthic. Unfortunately, it happens. Adult animals loose the grey and slowly turn browner. Even this female in the photos is turning a tad brown. It happens!

But even if that is the case, you should not shy away from Axanthics. They are a GREAT morph to combo with! I'm working on the Axanthic Spider, the Axanthic Killer Bee and so forth. Imagine a bright silver and black Spider snake! SO AWESOME!

So I will continue to work with Axanthics, and play around with them until I am satisfied. Which will be NEVER!

God, I love Ball Pythons.

Have a great day, my friends!!


Anonymous said...

Hey you can't forget the snow ball lol


Spygirl said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one working with TSK! For a long time, it felt like I was. I'm very excited because my male Lemon Pastel het TSk Axanthic is breeding weight. Now if I can find that perfect girlfriend... Hopefully in the form of a female Spider het TSK! :)

Jeremy Smith said...

Im working with VPI and they are compatible with NERDs line....

I too am a RAIDER HATER!