Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clutch #4 on the ground

This is TV.


You named your snake after a piece of electrical equipment?

Why yes, and let me explain to you why..

Once upon a time, I was looking for a used television for my room, as my previous one, which was older than me, decided to POOF and die on me. So, I started checking craigslist for a nice simple used TV to buy locally.

Found one not too far away, in Long Beach, so I drove out there. Why did I pick this guy? Cause his ad had offered a TV AND A SNAKE COMBO DEAL!! How could I resist?

So I went and got the TV, and got the snake. This was several years ago, and I am really very happy with both! And since it was so outlandish to have picked up a Ball Python while buying a TV, I named her TV in that honor, so that I wouldn't forget.

And now, this is her second year breeding for me, and I am very happy with her!!

If you noticed in the past two shots, her butt is bulging. Yes, yes it is. I took those photos Sunday night, assuming that she would explode within a few hours of my photo.. Ohhh no. I waited for 4 hours before I gave up and went to bed.

In the morning, she was still fatty fatty fat butt, so I went to work.

I knew she would lay when I was gone during the day, and... SHE DID!

Here she is on her eggs when I got home last night. One roll out.. Booo! But all are fertile, so all are in the incubator. COME ON, ENCHI'S!!!

TEN amazing eggs from a TV to an Enchi. How can it get any better than that?? Biggest clutch so far this season..

But we have plenty more to go!

So to update the masses:

Axanthic het Albino to Albino PH Axanthic: 4 Eggs, April 24th lay, 36 days til hatch.
Black Pastel to Normal: 4 Eggs, May 10th lay, 51 days til hatch.
Pied to Poss Het: 7 Eggs, May 15th lay, 56 days til hatch.
Enchi to Normal (TV): 10 Eggs, May 18th lay, 59 days til hatch.


Things are getting more exciting, my friends. Lets have a BLAST this season!!

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